Quickly Remove Patent Infringers from Amazon.com

Amazon’s process for patent owners to remove infringing products is fast and inexpensive compared to patent litigation. To use the Amazon Patent Evaluation Express (APEX) procedure, also referred to as neutral patent evaluation, you will need: An issued

  • U.S. utility patent
  • An Amazon.com seller account

We’ve developed references about the APEX procedure. Get started with an overview of the process, or see our latest news or observations about APEX.

Why choose SGB

SGB attorneys represent Amazon sellers dealing with patent infringement issues. Here’s why we’re an excellent choice for removing patent infringing products from Amazon.com:

  1. In-Depth Understanding of Patent Law: Our team comprises patent attorneys with extensive experience in patent infringement matters. Our understanding of the relevant legal principles such as claim construction or indirect infringement can be critical to successfully taking down infringing products through APEX.
  2. Strategic Approach to Enforcement: Our attorneys leverage their expertise to develop comprehensive enforcement strategies that utilize a take-down through APEX in conjunction with litigation.
  3. Proven Track Record of Success: SGB has a proven track record of success in taking down infringing products for Amazon sellers.

If you have an issued U.S. patent and someone is selling infringing products on Amazon, reach out to us to explore your options.  In some cases, we can offer alternative fee arrangements (e.g., flat-fee or contingent-fee).