SGB – Lead and Local Counsel for Patent Cases in the Western District of Texas (Austin and Waco)

Slayden Grubert Beard is a trusted partner of clients and law firms involved in patent infringement cases in our home forum, the Waco and Austin Divisions of the Western District of Texas.  We are experienced lead and local counsel, and we welcome the opportunity to help you navigate the unique procedures and personalities of our district.

Below are links to standing orders and local procedures we’ve found helpful in the initial stages of litigation in the Waco and Austin Divisions.  We look forward to working with you the next time you find yourselves in the Western District of Texas.   

Current Standing Order regarding Waco Trials (trials are currently proceeding as scheduled)

Current Standing Order regarding Trials in Other Divisions of the Western District of Texas (all trials are continued through April 30, 2021)

Local Rules for the Western District of Texas

Judge Albright’s Order Governing Proceedings for Patent Cases (OGP Version 3.5) (includes default infringement/invalidity contention deadlines, interim protective order, default discovery limits, and claim construction procedures)

Judge Albright’s Orders Related to Venue and Jurisdiction

Pro Hac Vice and ECF Registration Forms

Judge Albright’s Notice of Readiness (Waco)

Judge Albright’s Form Scheduling Order (Waco)

Judge Albright’s Form Protective Order for Patent Cases

Judge Albright’s Microsoft Excel Scheduling Date Calculator Tool (Waco)

Judge Albright’s Patent Case FAQs (Waco) (includes telephonic hearing procedures for discovery disputes)