SGB Secures $191K in Attorneys’ Fees Ruling for Google

Judge Chhabria (NDCA) issued an Order this week granting Google’s request for over $191,000 in attorneys’ fees. The Court found attorneys’ fees warranted under 35 U.S.C. § 285 because the lawsuit filed by plaintiff EscapeX “was frivolous from the start.” Order at 1. The Court went on:

This was, in short, an effort to force a modest settlement by pestering a tech giant with a frivolous suit on the assumption that the tech giant will prefer to capitulate than fight back. Indeed, EscapeX and its parent company DynaIP have a history of bringing frivolous suits for this purpose. . . . EscapeX is ordered to reimburse Google in the amount of $191,302.18. 

Order at 2 (citations omitted).

A great win for our client!

SGB attorneys representing Google in the matter: Brian C. Banner, Nellie F. Slayden, Darryl J. Adams, Truman H. Fenton, and Tecuan Flores.